Cash register system XudoX is a POS system certified by the Belgian ministry of finance with certificate-id BXUZ001. Cash register system XudoX was developed by Dr.Xu. Dr.Xu has over 20 years experience in the software development. Our software is a multilingual POS system. It supports Dutch, English, French and Chinese.

We provide the other Pos systems for supermarket, snack bars. If you choose our softwares, we will gladly provide the appropriate IT solution.

Cash register system XudoX includes:


Black Box (FDM)

All IN-ONE Multi touch POS Termial (optional)  features

QP-300 Thermal Receipt Printer (optional)  features

Cash Drawer (optional)


Cash register system XudoX
*** Cash register system without the black box: from 600 euro


FDM(black box/ fiscal data module) install

Cash register system software install

On- en Offline IT support